Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creating Realistic Eyes with Polymer Clay Pt1


Polymer clay of choice in white
Verithin colored pencil- in color you choose to make your eyes
Round ruler template- like from a hardware store to make tiny circles
Bic Markit pens- light brown, dark brown, dark yellow, magenta
Sharpie Rub a Dub Fine Point Marker
White acrylic paint and fine point brush
Wire cutters
Ceramcoat- clear

Measure out your clay into balls the size you need for your doll.
Try to make them as equal in size as you can.
I normally make more than I need, because you never know when one will jump off the pan and roll
to some inaccessible place like under the fridge.

Once you have your balls created,  cut a thin piece of wire and bend a loop on the end to make them easier to handle.  Pierce the balls carefully in as close to the center as you can and leave the wire in them while they bake.

This is a good time to put on a kettle and make yourself a cup of tea.

I bake my eyes that are approximately 4 mm in size at 275 degrees for five minutes.
I use a convention toaster oven and I hover over them like a hawk. 
I want them to begin to pinken slightly but not burn.
If you look at a person's eyes closely, the whites of the eye are not completely stark white.
They have blood vessels and areas of gray caused by shadow from the eye lids and lashes.

The moment the polyclay eyes begin to tinge a deeper shade, pull them out of the oven fast.
You don't want them to burn or darken too much to where you cannot cover them easily with paint.


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